”Without gifts there is no food”

2023-10-11 22:00:00

The 15th birthday party It is an important moment in the lives of adolescent girls and parents do their best to make that day unforgettable. On TikToka video went viral by showing the unusual rule of a quinceañera to make her party count.

In the clip, a fifteen-year-old is shown visibly happy while receiving gifts from her guests. But what caught attention is the description of the video: “no gift, no food.” This unusual approach sparked a debate on the platform, with some defending the young woman’s decision and others considering it ill-advised.

When you give the gift, they give you the plate for the meal

In the images you can see how the fifteen-year-old hands a plate to the guests after receiving their gifts, which some users humorously compared to a “dog bowl.”

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