Yanina Latorre assured that intimate photos of the participants are sold

This weekend, Julieta Poggio revealed that she discovered a supposed Big Brother technician taking pictures of her with his cell phone from behind a sale and that caused a commotion among some of his colleaguesand in their relatives.

“I saw it at the time and I wish that everything that is happening behind the scenes is well done and that it may have been someone who escaped them but that it was well-intentioned,” Patricia Destefani, Julieta’s mother, told Juan Etchegoyen.

However, in LAM, Yanina Latorre and the former Big Brother Martín Pepa dropped a bomb that will generate controversy in the next few hours. “Speaking of the technicians and others, I want to say that it is not that you do not see anyone. You see cell phones and it may be that they transcend photos”, assured the communication graduate.


In Big Brother the corridors are blocked, it is super with authorization, they check you and it is not that you can go without reason. He focused a lot on that because it is very hard to see it, because you can send yourself a lot of trouble, because if you hit something and those who are inside the house listen to you and paranoia begins, crazy, “said Martín.

The former “little brother” advised the production of the reality show that cameras should be placed in the corridors surrounding the house to control because “there are lots of technicians and cameras that work well.”

However, Yanina Latorre cut it short and, against the clock, revealed: “Now there is a paid Telegram group that sells photos of the girls from Big Brother naked. Pia and I saw them”.

There are photos of all of them and in tremendous poses because there is someoneI don’t know who he is, if he is someone who works or someone who was visiting… Did you see that the manager’s son is there… And there are poses of the girls, lolas, everything… When they bend down to go to the bathroom, everything”, added Yanina, who promised that on Thursday “show the photos around”.

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