Yanon Magal continues to deny that he serves Netanyahu and is operated by him

“My event is not Netanyahu at all. There is a mistake that has been put on me. My relationship with Netanyahu is very loose,” Yanon Magal told Roni Kovan in an interview for the program “Meeting with Roni Kovan” on Kaan 11. Magal is the presenter of “The Patriots”, the flagship program of Channel 14 , which since its inception has been dedicated to broadcasting propaganda for Netanyahu and is the only Israeli channel that Netanyahu grants interviews to. in the past too Magal participated in Netanyahu’s election campaign.

Along with his attempts to dwarf the service he provides to Netanyahu, Magal admitted that he is in regular contact with him, talks to him every few weeks and even met with him in the past. Magal also said that Netanyahu told him that he watches his show “and enjoys it”. When the interviewer, Cuban, asked Magal to provide an example of his criticism of Netanyahu, Magal was unable to provide a single example and asked to “call a friend.”

The issue of Magal’s connections with Netanyahu apparently bothers the media person, who hates that he is seen as Netanyahu’s panchayat and who serves him in the media in order to promote his own career. At the beginning of the month, Magal filed a libel suit against protest activist Moshe Redman, who wrote that “Yanon Magal and Yaakov Bardogo receive briefings on a regular basis from the Prime Minister’s closest entourage, including clear tasks of who and what to attack and what narratives to promote.”

On another occasion, Redman wrote that Netanyahu is Magal’s “sugar daddy”. Magal is a veteran media person who previously held senior positions in the mainstream press, but when he tried his luck in a political career, within the Jewish Home party, allegations surfaced from several women that he sexually harassed them. The police investigation ended without Shamgal being prosecuted, but he was forced to leave the party and the Knesset.

In another interview with Kovan, Magal said that the massacre of Hamas is divine punishment, and that the war-torn state of Israel is in an “amazing period” of sobriety, connection and clarification.

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