Ye Ye examines China through his hospital

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The Franco-Chinese director Ye Ye presents her documentary, selected by the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2021, “H6, the people’s hospital”. Through the fates of 5 Chinese families in one of Shanghai’s largest hospitals, the film paints a portrait of China between traditional culture and modernity. The film will be released in French theaters on February 2, 2022.

It is a documentary full of pain and suffering, but also with solidarity, hope and humor. A film full of humanity above all which, through the crossed destinies of a handful of characters, paints a portrait of contemporary China.

There is this peasant couple whose husband broke his spine when he fell from a tree; this little girl whose hand was broken by a bus while she was playing in the street; this husband who comes every day to his wife’s bedside and who wonders if she still recognizes him. There is this middle-aged man who limps with his broken knee, but who continues to advance at all costs at his own pace. Or this young girl victim of a car accident, who does not know that her mother died while her father instills great waves of optimism in her by smiling at her, laughing and even singing poetic and full of hope.

In her first documentary for the cinema, the Franco-Chinese director Ye Ye takes us to the heart of Shanghai Number 6 Hospital. “H6, the people’s hospital”, will be Wednesday February 2, 2022 on French screens.

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