You don’t have Nakhweh.. A groom surprises Heba Kotb with a bold question about the wedding night, and the last one gets excited on the air and insults him harshly!

12:10 PM
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Dr. Heba Kotb, a marital relations consultant, received a shocking question from a groom that caused her to be irritated on the air of a program clearly presented by Amr El-Leithi on Al-Hayat channel.

The journalist Amr Al-Leithi presented the question to Dr. Qutb, in which the questioner says: “Is there a mistake in offering my bride to watch an obscene movie on the night of the wedding to know how to complete the intimate relationship?”

Dr. Qutb replied to him by saying: Is this a man whose pride allows him to release his times to DVD movies?

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