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You will be surprised.. uses for lipstick that you do not think of…

by archyde

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Lipstick is one of our most favorite makeup tools and essential in every woman’s bag, the end gets rid of it, without knowing that it has other unimaginable uses, which are as follows:

cream blush

This trick is used by beauty experts, as the creamy blusher has a special attraction of its kind, so if you run out of the blush you use, do not worry, you do not need to buy a new one, all you have to do is use the lipstick in the appropriate degree on your cheeks.

As a corrector for the bottom of your eyes

As you know, concealer or red corrector is used to hide dark circles and eye puffiness, so don’t hesitate to apply a little red lipstick to cover red circles.

Distinctive glitter eyeshadow

If you want the eyeshadow to last all day, you should apply lipstick in distinctive colors such as brown or peach and others on your eyelids, and you will get a distinctive eyeshadow that lasts.

Perfect Contour

Brown is a basic lipstick color for all of us, and it’s the perfect color for contouring, so feel free to use this trick, but make sure your lipstick isn’t orange or pink undertones.

Colorful eyeliner

Like art and drawing, you can be creative with your makeup, and if you want to get a distinctive and modern look, do not hesitate to adopt eyeliner with vibrant colors, and you can simply rely on lipstick in your favorite color to apply this trick, all you need is to use an eyeliner brush to apply your favorite color as usual .

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