Young couple ventures with new restaurant in well-known premises: I’ve missed that myself, says the chef

It sizzles and boils in North Jutland gastronomy.

The number of places to eat is exploding, last year the region finally became part of the coveted company of places to eat that can boast of Michelin stars, and when it comes to Easter, the people of North Jutland will have another place to settle down to tantalize the taste buds.

It will be in the same premises in the heart of Aalborg, which for many years housed the well-known restaurant Holle’s Vinstue. Vinstuen threw in the towel in November last year and was taken into bankruptcy proceedings at the beginning of February.

Now a young couple from Aalborg’s restaurant scene are breathing new life into the premises.

On March 27, 25-year-old Gustav Prisak and his 38-year-old girlfriend Freja Bennick open the doors to Restaurant Hjemve.

Gustav Prisak (tv.) in a photo from his student days, where he, together with Dennis Boe Carlsen, is preparing for the Chef of the Year competition in 2018.
Archive photo: Martin Damgård

Here, the focus will be on modern grandmotherly food, says Gustav Prisak, who is today head chef at the Aalborg restaurant Mapak, while Freja Bennick is leaving a job as day-to-day manager of Café Vesterå to pursue the couple’s dream.

– We would like to create an everyday restaurant where you can come in and enjoy yourself a bit and not pay too much if you don’t feel like cooking yourself that day. We want to play with grandma’s kitchen, but where we reinterpret it and make it modern. It will be a fun challenge to tackle the classics, says Gustav Prisak.

As a chef apprentice, he has experience from both the Michelin restaurant Ti Trin Ned in Fredericia, Ruths Hotel in Skagen, Falsled Kro and Textur in Aalborg, before he landed the job as head chef at Mapak.

This is how a good, old-fashioned schnitzel can go out in a reinterpreted version at Restaurant Hjemve.
PR photo

Now he and Freja Bennick are throwing all their energies into a joint project, Restaurant Hjemve, which according to the plan will have space for approx. 45 guests. This is done in collaboration with two well-known faces from the Aalborg restaurant scene – namely Dennis Juhl and Frederik Lietzau Østeraa, both of whom are part of the ownership group behind Textur.

Restaurant Hjemve will not be a place with expensive wines, raised little fingers and kitchen dreams of stars in a French dining guide.

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– Not at all. We want to create a down-to-earth restaurant where you get a homely experience of going out to eat. One of the things I miss in Aalborg myself is the coziness of coming in to a host couple who are always there because it’s their place, says Gustav Prisak.

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