Young people tie up and throw a puppy into a well in Guanajuato

MEXICO CITY.- A new animal abuse case was registered in Guanajuatowhere young people tied a dog with a cable and then throw her into a well and stone her from the top.

In the video, which quickly went viral on social networks, you can see the acts of cruelty, the involved were making fun and they threw stones at the animal. The group of teenagers record every part of the abuse, also while the dog is fighting for his life.

For a moment, one of the young people recording can be heard saying that they should leave her alone because she is already dead. She is released and falls straight into the well.

The event caused outrage in the community, but it also mobilized a hero without a cape: Mark Aguileraa local activist, who quickly came to the dog’s rescue.

After removing it from the well, took him to the vet to receive appropriate medical care. In addition to rescuing her, Aguilera took legal action by filing a complaint with the Public Ministry for this act of animal abuse.

Animal abuse in Mexico

This incident highlights the severity of animal abuse and the importance of taking strong action against perpetrators.

Not only is it an attack on the life and dignity of animals, but it also raises concerns about the future behavior of the perpetrators, who could become potential human abusers.

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