“Young” posted a clip, found Song Ang Pao, the mystery next to the car, the people of the connected people, the mysterious story, get goosebumps.

It is normal that when people encounter foreign objects around them, they tend to record pictures for evidence as well as “boy” This person who encounters shocking and suspicion when he met red envelope The mysterious red landed on the side of his car’s wheel. In a fast food restaurant in Chow Chung District Singapore when open inside envelope will find a certain amount of money packed in it Total more than 1000 Singapore dollar or about 26,000 baht, which he recorded and posted on social world with netizens Come in and comment a lot.

This clip was posted on TikTok In the picture you can see that “boy” This person got out of his car and found that there was red envelope Mysterious red falls right next to the wheel of the car. When he picked it up, he found that there was a certain amount of money inside, about 1,000. Singapore dollar with the message that “Who did red envelope fall”

which when this clip has spread netizens Come to see many with the latest views of almost 7 hundred thousand views and have netizens come in the comments by linking this to mystery invite goosebumps go to various places

which some comments have said He might have already been selected. to go with “Ghost Bride” Referring to Chinese local legends and beliefs at some families daughter Died without getting married will leave a red envelope with money on the side of the road The first man to be picked up will be husband and have to go together with her

By some comments asking if he will keep this envelope or not, to which the young man replied that “Why not keep Shoot 2 birds with one stone, get money and bride.”

mysterious red envelope

Source: TikTok

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