Yutong takes the top spot in the European electric bus market in 2022

London (ots/PRNewswire) Yutong Bus (“Yutong”, SHA: 600066), a leading global electric bus manufacturer, has been the European leader in electric bus sales for the past year thanks to its high-quality vehicles.

The company took first place in the ranking prepared by Chatrou CME SolutionsSolutions Europawith 479 buses sold in Europe in 2022. The top ranking underscores Yutong’s position as a key player in China’s highly competitive electric bus industry.

Chatrou CME Solutions data shows that the market share of zero-emission buses in European cities has now reached 30%. The Dutch consultancy has long followed changes and trends in the new energy commercial vehicle market and has become an authoritative voice on the state of the electric bus industry in Europe.

Yutong’s sales in Europe increased by 58% in 2022 year-on-year, while the market share increased from 9.2% in 2021 to 11.5% in 2022, demonstrating the quality of the products launched by Yutong underlines. Yutong has sold its products all over the world. The report shows that Yutong entered the European market in 2018 and has exported a total of more than 2,200 units to more than 15 countries, namely Poland, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal , Bulgaria, Iceland etc.

The demand for zero-emission buses continues to rise in Europe, with hybrid, natural gas and alternative energy buses in increasing demand in addition to purely electric buses. Chinese buses are playing an increasingly important role in the green transformation of public transport in Europe.

To fuel the company’s success, Yutong has actively pursued its transformation from a bus manufacturer to a green mobility solution provider. European countries are consciously promoting zero-emission public transport, making Yutong’s “product + service” model an obvious choice when sourcing vehicles and mobility solutions for their respective markets.

2022 has been a very successful year for the global new energy market and Yutong has cemented its reputation in terms of products, services, solutions and technology. The accelerated internationalization of the company gave them the opportunity to constantly expand their presence overseas.

Yutong Bus’s new energy buses are used not only in Europe, but also in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and have been proven in Qatar, Mexico, Chile, Singapore, Australia and other countries, where they contribute to the development of an environmentally friendly contribute to public transport.

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