Zara winter sweaters with very original designs

We don’t need to tell you that climate change is to blame for the fact that the weather is so changeable, because everyone should know it by now. We are in the middle of autumn and, as if to say the thing, we do not feel that we are at this time of the year, the well-known halftime season. And it is that, if yesterday we roasted ourselves with very high temperatures, today we are shivering from the polar cold as if it were already January. There is no intermediate point and this means that we do not know what clothes wear every day

The cold that it is now and these low temperatures that have arrived suddenly, and without warning, it seems that they seem to be staying with us, at least until mid-March. So it’s time to go preparing the closet with all the winter artilleryyou have to take out outerwear from previous years that are still in trend and, why not, add to our collection some new ones that we liked from some of our favorite brands, such as Zara. And, speaking of the pretty girl from Inditex, this year she has surprised us with some original sweaters for winter Zarabelow we show you the two models that we liked the most and that, possibly, we will take them home.

Zara winter sweaters

Though winter has less light than other times of the year and is characterized by its darkest and grayest days, this does not mean that we cannot go cute on the street. The good thing about fashion is that no matter the season of the year, designers are always innovating and designing new clothes, even if they are warmer. Why wear sweaters for winter doesn’t have to be boringOn the contrary, sweaters give a very glamorous touch to any look and if you are a true trendy lover, you will know that these winter sweaters are longer and shorter and they suit you with pants, skirts, dresses, etc.

If you want to see nearby examples of sweaters with original designs so that your winter and cold days are more bearable, then you have to take a tour of the Zara stores, both for the physical ones that it has distributed throughout the Spanish territory and in its online store, web and mobile app, since in them you will be able to see the different models of sweaters for the winter that Zara has launched for the next season. Furthermore, we are sure that between now and December, which is when winter really begins, they will go bringing out new models and designs of sweatersbut we leave you our two favorites so far to whet your appetite:

Jackard sweater with sheep and green color

Zara jacquard sweater with sheep and green color
Green jacquard sweater with sheep from Zara, photo: ©Zara

We have chosen the second original sweater model that Zara proposes for this winter because it has stolen our hearts. And it’s the animals of your design they are the typical irish sheep and, in case you didn’t know, we are in love with the emerald isle, with Ireland, so this is the main reason why we have felt so much attraction towards this sweater. Its olive green color has also enchanted us, which, as we have told you in the previous model of jersey, this shade of green we will see it a lot on the streets in the winter months since everything indicates that it will be the trend color of the season. It should be noted that this Zara sweater is made of jacquard, its neck is round to keep it warmer and, in addition to the black and white sheep, it also has a print with yellow flowers. It also costs 29.95 euros and you can find it from size XS to L.

Sweater with large lapel and green color

Zara green sweater with large lapel
Green Zara jumper with large lapel, photo: ©Zara

As you can see in the photo that we have left you right here above, Zara has decided to take a risk with the designs of its collection of sweaters for next winter and the truth is that we love them. This sweater with a large lapel from Zara, for example, is a bit out of the ordinary with this collar with flaps that are so wide that they cover the shoulders, that is, we could say that simulate a small layer. This sweater has a round neckline and is attached to it, which is very good for keeping it warm. It also stands out for its medium green color, very trendy in the coming months, its ribbed finish and the fact that it is made with 35% recycled polyester. It has a price of 29.95 euros and is available from size S to XL.

Tips to complement Zara sweaters.

Add a scarf.

A great way to add a little more warmth and style to your outfit is wear a scarf Zara has a variety of bright and neutral color options that will go great with any sweater. For a more casual look, try pairing your sweater with jeans and a cute pair of sneakers. If you’re looking to dress things up a bit, wear a leather jacket and ankle boots.

Coat with jacket.

If you really want to stand out, try layering it over your favorite Zara sweater. This is a great way to add a bit more drama and sophistication to your look.

Choose the right shoes.

The type of shoes you choose it can really make or break your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a cropped sweater dress, you could opt for sexy over-the-knee boots or playful Mary Janes. If you opt for a more relaxed vibe, try pairing your sweater with loafers or ankle boots. And if you want to make things really interesting, throw on a pair of statement heels or fun socks that peek out from your pants leg!

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