Zero Hour Tactical FPS Reveals Its Roadmap

Available in early access for almost two years now, the tactical FPS Zero Hour unveiled today its roadmap for the coming year. And as you can see from the images below, the developers of M7 Productions have a busy schedule.

Soon, they plan to add attack dogs and improve the title’s different game modes, to make the experience more “fun and exciting”. Then, NPCs should be incorporated into the coop’ part in order to develop a little the story telling of Zero Hour. New character models, and the ability to customize them, should also arrive by the end of the year.

In the longer term, the developers also want to improve the audio part, redo all the animations of the game using motion capture technology, add teammates managed by AI for the co-op mode, finalize the VFX, the lighting , interface and UX, etc. All while continuing to add to Zero Hour maps, weapons and gadgets. I therefore hope that their stocks of Guronsan and Adderall are well supplied, even if we have already seen that the title of M7 Productions has improved and expanded quite a bit since notre preview.

zerohour roadmap 2

zerohour roadmap 3

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