Zhong Jiaxin celebrates her daughter’s birthday in advance

Zhong Jiaxin celebrates the birthday of a pair of children early.

Zhong Jiaxin announced earlier that she is pregnant again, and a third member will be added to the family. The birthdays of Jiaxin’s two children are very similar. Kelly’s birthday is August 27th, while Jared’s birthday is September 6th. Perhaps in order to welcome the arrival of the third child, a birthday party was held for them in advance.

Zhong Jiaxin specially ordered birthday decorations, flowers, balloons and cakes for them. I saw her and prepared a variety of desserts. It is estimated that this birthday party will also invite two children’s classmates to participate. Jiaxin, who has been holding a huge belly for seven or eight months, has not seen any edema or deformity. Kelly and Jared each took a real mummy and took a photo with their own cake. Among them, Jared is very cute when he hugs his mother’s huge belly.

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