Zoom announces the Zoom Virtual Agent live chat bot

Zoom video conferencing service announced (Zoom) on Tuesday announced a solution for “smart conversational” live chat that uses artificial intelligence technology.

The company said in Manifesto On her blog, the new live chat bot (Zoom Virtual Agent) is designed to help businesses provide effective and cost-effective customer service by reducing the need for the human element in responding to customers.

While enterprise chatbots are nothing new, Zoom claims that many of them rely on comprehensive manual programming. .

Zoom said that its chatbot can be integrated into many live chat solutions, such as: customer relationship management (CRM), and the communication center, and it will come integrated with its communication center service (Zoom Contact Center).

The disclosure of the chatbot comes after Zoom’s acquisition of (Solvvy), a conversational artificial intelligence company, in 2022. Mahesh Ram, Head of Digital Customer Experience at Zoom, and the former founder and CEO of (Solvvy), praised the advantages of the new chatbot.

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Ram believes that (Zoom Virtual Agent) will help online startups expand faster by solving the financial problem, as it will save them money, by reducing personnel costs.

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