Marwan Khoury and his wife grab attention | Art stars

The star, Marwan Khoury, caught the eye at the Joy Awards ceremony, last week, in his first appearance with his wife, Nada Ramal.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Khoury talked about his marriage, saying: “I don’t call it a cage. On the contrary, if a cage is not supposed to be missed.”

His wife commented spontaneously: “It took me 6 years to persuade him to marry,” pointing out that she sees the song “Nater” by the star Marwan Khoury expressing them, as she was waiting for him without knowing, and vice versa.

Marwan Khoury revealed that the song “Hada Aref”, which was presented by the star Adam a few days ago, was addressed verbally and melody to his wife during the period when they were away from each other for seven months.

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