27th iffk starting from tommorow

International Fair will be flagged off tomorrow. A signature film of the international festival with unforgettable moments that mark the evolution of the story. The animation film set in the background of the capital city marks the change from the beginning of the movie to OTT and the movie views to the drive in theater.(27th iffk starting from tommorow)

From world classics to new generation films, the frames of thirty films are included in the forty-three second long signature film. The film is presented in the background of the places and culture that mark the history of Ananthapuri. Eminent illustrator Girish AV has created the evolution of the spectacle starting from Tholpawa Kooth and reaching to the multiplex.

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The Thiruvananthapuram International Film Festival will host the Asia premiere of more than 60 films including Swedish director Tariq Saleh’s Boy from Heaven, Aman Sachidev’s Opium, French film Both Sides of the Blade and Korean film Broker Broker.

Story Highlights:Β 27th iffk starting from tommorow

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