A big happy surprise.. Detonated by the famous fortune-teller Laila Abdel Latif: The poorest Arab country will become richer than the Emirates and all the Gulf states… You won’t believe who it is! !

The famous Lebanese fortune-teller, Laila Abdel Latif, said in her intervention on the Nojoom program that she is firm and confident in her vision about Tunisia, as she previously stated that Tunisia will become like Dubai.

The astronomer, Laila Abdel Latif, is one of the most famous forecast scientists in the world of astrological signs, and she has a great deal of studies on forecasts, and Laila Abdel Latif is from the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

And she has a lot of followers, whose expectations are respected and relied on by millions of people, and here we list Laila Abdel Latif’s newest predictions for the year 2021.

She stressed that she sees Tunisia in the scene of reconstruction and growth, and tourism will be better than it was, stressing that Tunisia will improve, and large tourist resorts will open in Tunisia in the near term, and considered that the Tunisian people are conscious and there is nothing to fear in Tunisia.

She added that the Arab world will witness major natural disasters, adding that the Gulf countries will witness snowfall, and an earthquake in one of the Arab countries, but it will not be devastating.

Laila Abdel Latif also expected that US President Donald Trump would suffer a severe health crisis.
Laila Abdel Latif had predicted the end of 2019, the spread of the deadly Corona virus that swept the world, during the special episode of “Lahun Wa Bas” on New Year’s Eve on LBCI.

As part of her New Year’s predictions, Hisham Haddad said that a dangerous and deadly epidemic will spread globally and cause terror and panic among some peoples, and stressed that the virus will be more dangerous than H1N1.

And she spoke that the Corona virus is a biological war that America created to fight China. But the virus got out of her control.

As Laila Abdel-Latif had previously predicted in the “History of Witness” program, which was shown on LBCI, the emergence of a malignant disease in China is causing great anxiety due to the spread of this epidemic.

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