A cabinet session tomorrow… Will it decide on the resignation of Major General Tony Saliba?

The situation suddenly deteriorated politically due to the draft budget law and security appointments, the holding of a conference by the Bahraini opposition “Al-Wefaq Society” in Beirut, and the tension between the pillars of government and the authority, in parallel with the assurances that the elections would be held on the specified date in light of the fears of an extension to the House of Representatives and international stress on the date The elections, and with the rise of popular discontent with the budget and the expected high prices on the impact of an open financial crisis. Al-Gomhoria learned that the contacts that took place between the concerned authorities and the “Shiite duo” following the last cabinet session, ended the problems that occurred after the session over the budget and some appointments. Concerned sources told Al-Gomhouria that “there is no longer any problem anywhere, all matters have been clarified and everything that was raised was like a whirlwind in a cup, and that the positions were clarified and the draft budget law will be referred to the Parliament, while the government will continue its tasks without any obstacles.” ». On the basis of that, the Cabinet session will be held tomorrow.


In this atmosphere, attention is turning to the Cabinet session scheduled for 3:00 p.m. tomorrow in the Republican Palace, to discuss a number of files, especially the Minister of Energy’s request for a financial advance on the electricity sector, after the government pledged to look into it after deciding on the general budget for the year. 2022.

To these announced issues, the Council will consider a set of administrative items, especially those related to the requests of the Ministry of Interior for financial advances for the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to estimates prepared by the Ministry after calculating the funds it received as donations from European and international bodies to facilitate the administrative, financial and logistical procedures for these elections. .

It is expected that the Council of Ministers will decide tomorrow on the appointment of the Deputy Director-General of State Security, in the event that the Shiite duo, in the upcoming meetings in the coming hours, hand the Prime Minister the proposed name for the site. The ministerial references have not resolved the narrative that says that the Council will decide on the resignation of the Director-General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, to be reappointed in a civilian capacity in his position.

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