A common chronic disease among people .. Numbness of the limbs is evidence of a very serious disease .. Know it now before it is too late!

Some people feel numbness in the extremities from time to time, but the vast majority of them do not pay much attention to this symptom, as it is overlooked, but there are some studies that have shown that these symptoms can be a dangerous indication of a chronic disease that witnesses Wide spread among people all over the world.

A, an endocrinologist, Russian Dr. Natalia Balashova, explained that the low sensitivity of the hands and feet may be a clear indication of your exposure to the risk of diabetes, which we will show through this article as follows.

It is worth noting that the Russian doctor continued her speech through the newspaper “Vechernaya Moskva”, noting that the disturbance in the energy metabolism process leads to diabetes, which may occur as a result of a high level of glucose in the blood, as it is among the most common symptoms that he suffers from This disease causes a feeling of lethargy, weakness, or numbness in the area of ​​the hands and feet, in addition to extreme thirst.

She elaborated on these matters, explaining that glucose acts as fuel for the cells of the body, so it is normal for the blood to contain a high amount of it, and the natural human immunoglobulin works poorly, which leads to “sugaring” everything, so the person faces the risk of diabetes.

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