A girl confesses: My husband is finished quickly and I don’t care and I want more what to do?! Heba Qutb shocked her with an embarrassing response! (video)

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During a telephone conversation with Dr. Heba Kotb, a family relations consultant, a young bride expressed her dissatisfaction with what is happening with her husband during the marital relationship.

She said during the phone call that she had been married for two months, but she was not satisfied with the relationship with her husband, who ends the relationship quickly before she reaches her pleasure.

Dr. Heba Kotb replied that what happens in the first periods of marriage, we do not comment on the wife’s enjoyment until after two months and three, and we do not comment on the speed of ejaculation from the husband until after two months, because the issue begins as an important task that must be performed peacefully, not free from pain and stabilization of situations such as the expansion of the vaginal canal and neuromuscular communication Therefore, we give a chance for two or three months without commenting on the subject, so that we know the development of the situation.

She concluded by saying: You still need a month and try together and talk to your husband that you need a longer foreplay, and this is normal.

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