A girl tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her face and the networks exploded

2023-11-08 01:28:17

There are thousands of ways to show the love you feel for another person. In this case, a young American decided to do it with an unexpected gesture.

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Despite the thousands of ways to express affection for another person, on this occasion a young man tattooed his face with the name of his loved one. The peculiar tattoo has a considerable font size, which aroused the attention of his followers on social networks.

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The girl shared the result on her Instagram account, where she has 111 thousand followers, and wrote: “Tattoo my boyfriend’s name on my face.”

In a few hours she received hundreds of comments from other users who began to criticize her for her act of love. Additionally, others said it was a joke. “The number of people commenting thinking it’s real makes me cry for society,” one wrote. “You’ll love it! Your next boyfriend will hate it,” said another user.

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