A legal identifies 4 cases in which an employee is permanently dismissed from his job

Al-Marsad newspaper: A legal person identified 4 cases, in which the employee is dismissed from his job, during a video clip, which he shared via the “Tik Tok” application.

Lawyer Saad Al-Kaltham, a member of the Saudi Bar Association, clarified these four cases, which are: “If the employee is sentenced to a penalty, and his conviction is proven, and the judgment acquires the final character.”

And he continued: “If he is sentenced to self-retaliation, and thirdly, if he is convicted of one of the following crimes (bribery – embezzlement – forgery – drug promotion – trafficking in them – smuggling – dealing in intoxicants).

He pointed out that the fourth case, “if he was sentenced to imprisonment for more than a year, and in this case he is dismissed from his job, even if he is pardoned or half of the sentence is taken, that does not excuse him from dismissal from his job.”

This came in response to a follower’s question, in which he inquired about a legal loophole through which he could return to his work after he was dismissed due to a disciplinary punishment.

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