A Love Story Blossomed: The Journey of Lenny and Eric

2023-10-13 09:23:03

It all started about twelve years ago, when Lenny and Eric were just 14 years old. Their meeting took place within the family context. Eric spent a lot of time with Lenny’s cousin, who lived on the same farm, reports HBvL.

While their relationship was purely friendly, the real connection happened when they were 19, when they were renovating the family garden. It was the trips to the container yard that changed their relationship. “The spark started when I was emptying the trailer into the container yard,” remembers Lenny.

It was finally Lenny who plucked up the courage to ask for Eric’s number. The starting point of a love story that took a new turn five years ago, when Eric proposed to Lenny. Their union was celebrated two years later, in the family home where their love was born.

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