A Ramadan series that brings him together with his wife, Nelly Karim… Hisham Ashour: Love is not an annual occasion

A new and different experience for the artist, Hisham Ashour, the husband of the artist, Nelly Karim, as they are brought together by Ramadani’s work, which is a Upper-class drama entitled “A Rare Coin.”

Ashour seemed very happy with this experience, during his statements reported by “Al-Nahar”, where he praised the idea and its preparations, describing it as being at the highest level and will be admired by everyone. He expressed his overwhelming happiness with this experience, and said the Ramadan marathon.

Ashour was satisfied with talking about some details related to the filming that is currently taking place in Luxor Governorate, Upper Egypt, and that it has not been completed yet, and indicated the difficulty of talking about the details of his role so as not to reveal the features of the scenario, adding that the whole work will be a surprise.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Nelly Karim’s husband spoke that he celebrated it happily, and sent a message to all lovers: “Happy New Year and my wish is for people to love each other constantly, not only on Valentine’s Day, and each party must show the other its love and feelings every day and not wait for an occasion.” to do so.”

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