Abed Fahd criticizes drama at the moment: a poor imitation of American action

Criticize the Syrian star Abed Fahd The dramas that are currently being shown, noting that they do not resemble the current life, describing them as a poor imitation of American action series and films.

Abed Fahd said in a tweet posted on his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “The drama needs a writer, the son of life, the son of the street, the son of the neighborhood. Repetition in the story, repetition in scenes, repetition in the style of directing. There is no single director’s vision. A poor imitation of American action.

A large number of Abed’s followers interacted with the tweet, while some wondered if it was an awakening of the works that have been presented in the recent period, so Abed’s answer was pointing out that there must be an awakening.

Abed had recently participated in the series “Beirut 303” directed by Elie Samaan and produced by Al-Sabah Company, where she participated in the co-starring with Solafa Mimar and Mutasem Al-Nahar, but the work did not achieve the desired public and critical resonance, and it belonged to the category of action, suspense, and the struggle of money and business.

It is expected that Abed will be present in the Ramadan season 2023 in the series “Al Nar with Fire” written by Rami Koussa and produced by Al-Sabah Company, and it is expected that the Syrian star Karis Bashar will participate in the work.

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