“Access Controller by Sony: An Inclusive and Modular Controller for Gamers with Disabilities”

2023-05-18 16:20:03

The Access controller can be used alone for PlayStation 5, or it can be used with another set of Access controllers or DualSense controllers to meet the needs of people with different disabilities.

Sony announced during CES 2023 earlier this yearBarrier-free controller “Project Leonardo”it was confirmed earlier that “Access Controller” (Access Controller) will be used as the official name.

Compared with Microsoft’s barrier-free controller, which is designed in the form of blocks, the “Access Controller” proposed by Sony is made of a circular shape. It can also be combined in a modular form according to the needs of use, and can be combined through software. Defines how to change the mode of operation.

The “Access controller” can be used independently in a single group (only for PlayStation 5), or in two groups, or with an additional DualSense controller to form more operational possibilities, so as to meet the needs of people with different disabilities.

In addition, users can also use 4 sets of 3.5mm AUX ports to correspond to external expansion buttons or third-party auxiliary accessories, so as to increase the application possibilities of the “Access Controller”.

And Sony will also create an exclusive control interface for the “Access Controller”, allowing users to adjust the corresponding functions of the controller according to individual needs, including different controller operation combinations, or setting the corresponding functions of the buttons, and at the same time adjusting the analog shaker The operating sensitivity of the lever can be adjusted according to the operating blind zone, and even the button press function can be adjusted to burst firing, and different setting results can be stored according to the needs.

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However, Sony has not yet announced the specific launch date and actual price of the “Access Controller”.

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