“Actor Yama Carlos fights for custody of son Marco amid divorce proceedings”

2023-05-02 09:31:40


Yama Carlos admitted that he had not met his son, Marco Armanda Blessio Carlos, for three months.

It is known that Yama Carlos’ wife, Arfita Dwi Putri, took her baby away after suing the actor for divorce at the Tangerang District Court.

“There is a child who was separated from his parents, namely me, without my consent,” said Yama Carlos when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (2/5/2023)

“From February 21, it means 3 months,” he continued.

The 42-year-old actor admitted that the last time he communicated with Marco was April 23, when his son’s birthday.

“I was only given access when Marco’s birthday was April 23. I had to ask for that too, proof of the chat was there. After that it was closed again,” said Yama Carlos.

Feeling prevented from meeting his son, Yama Carlos was furious because the court itself had not terminated the divorce from his marriage.

“That’s what I want to follow up on because the woman is very complicated to access and there are many conditions even though the state hasn’t decided yet, our status is still husband and wife,” said Yama Carlos.

Therefore, Yama Carlos complained about his wife’s actions to Polda Metro Jaya and the police responded well to this.

“Marco is underage and his parents are prohibited from meeting, earlier he went to the Polda for consultation and thank God he was received and responded to,” explained Ricci as attorney for Yama Carlos.

Getting a point of light regarding the case, Yama Carlos plans to report this as soon as possible.

He wanted Marco to return to his arms as soon as possible because it was known that in the near future his baby would also have to continue his studies.

“Our goal is for Marco to return to his father this month at the latest because in June he has started school, the school has already paid Rp. 30 million,” said Arjana Bagaskara, another attorney for Yama Carlos.

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