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The Pension and Family Benefits Fund (CPPF) adopted Friday at the end of the first annual session of its board of directors a new three-year strategic plan 2024-2027 whose leitmotif is to constantly improve the quality of service provided to clients.

According to Jean Blaise Nguema Mba, chairman of the board of directors of the CPPF, the three-year plan places particular emphasis on the need to guarantee the sustainability of the pension system for state agents.

Pensions now revalued and linked to the new remuneration system, including the payment report for reminders for the first monthly deadline (from February 26 to 29) has been submitted and validated by the administrators.

Jean Blaise Nguema Mba, PCA CPPF ©

This operation was made possible thanks to the personal involvement of the President of the Transition, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguéma and the head of the Transition government, Raymond Ndong Sima. These leaders have made available to the CPPF a total envelope of 35 billion CFA francs for this purpose.

On the question of financial work, the administrators of the CPPF scrutinized the results for the year 2023 and adopted the budget for the current financial year.

In particular, the opening of the CPPF agencies in Franceville and Mouila is planned for 2024, as well as the modernization of the institution’s information system.

Finally, two (2) new directors were co-opted during this work, acting as vice-presidents.

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2024-03-30 00:40:10
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