After giving closing arguments, Amber Heard’s lawyer is seen crying in the bathroom – Lawyer Amber Heard, Elaine Bredehoftwas seen crying on the day of the final trial against Johnny Depp in Fairfax, Virginia.

Lawyers for Depp and Heard provide closing arguments before a jury before the verdict is read out this week.

Each made a point as to why Depp or Heard should win at that trial after the last six weeks of defense.

After the arguments were delivered and the trial was over, someone with a Twitter account @jamesfromcourt those present in the courtroom claimed to have seen Bredehoft cry.

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This was revealed by James when he replied to a tweet netizen which highlighted Bredehoft’s expression at the last trial.

“After the trial ended, before the jury left, #ElaineBradehoft went to the bathroom crying. We all felt bad for her. When she came out we tried to make her smile. I hope that helps,” he wrote quoted from Newsweek, Tuesday (31/5/2022).

In a later tweet, James said he didn’t know why Bredehoft was crying.

James’s tweet is now quite viral on Twitter and invites the sympathy of Johnny Depp’s fans.

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Some said they were uncomfortable with Bredehoft because the woman only worked to defend Amber Heard during the trial.

James was later invited to Andy Signore’s YouTube program to tell more about his claim to see Bredehoft cry after giving his closing argument.

“It was around 5 o’clock, just before the jury came home. There were some people still hanging around the court,” he said.

James was standing outside the toilet when he saw lawyer Amber Heard come into the bathroom crying.

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“The three of us were standing outside the bathroom when we saw him. Bredehoft didn’t run, he walked really fast to the bathroom,” he said.

“Then someone chased him from behind and went into the bathroom,” said James.

James was still standing outside the bathroom until Bredehoft came out.

Amber Heard’s lawyer was clearly crying because her nose was so red.

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“It was very visible, because after we noticed, he cried several times in court. We feel very sad for him,” said James.

James said, after Bredehoft came out of the bathroom, he and two others offered their words of support.

“After he came out, we all said like ‘Hey, you did a great job’, ‘it must be really hard, we get it’, etc. He smiled and said thank you, then went back into the courtroom,” said James.

Asked about the cause, James did not know for sure. He only thought that Bredehoft was depressed because he was not used to defending public figures.

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