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After he was sentenced to death.. Mansoura Court reveals the details of the verdict on the killer of “Nira Ashraf” after changing his statements

by archyde

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Mansoura Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Bahaa Al-Din Al-Marri, revealed the reasons for its death sentence by hanging to the accused, Muhammad Adel, the murderer of Mansoura University student, Naira Ashraf, according to “Sky News”.

In its ruling, the Criminal Court responded to the defendant’s claim that “the defendant was provoked by bright laughter on the bus, and that he had obtained the knife to defend himself.”

His confession in court

And she said, “What the accused raised in his confession at the trial session and did not mention him in his confession to the investigations – that the victim angered him with her laughter inside the bus in which he found him, so he replied that his confession to the investigations of the Public Prosecution is reassured by the court and takes it, as it trusts his health despite changing part of it. The trial session, due to its authority to divide the confession and its non-compliance with its text and appearance, and also for it to take from it what it deems in accordance with the truth, and to present what it deems different from it.

And she added: “The accused, when he got on the bus heading to the university, was determined to have the intention to kill the victim and heal his feelings of it, and not as he claimed that it provoked his anger with laughter inside the bus, and this is confirmed by his confession in a text in the investigations, and he justifies the time and place of killing the victim, He said: (Because I am sure that she will take the exams, and then I will know how to get rid of them and do what I am doing, because I knew that the length of the study period would be in Cairo or Sharm El-Sheikh, and the exams were coming).

threatening messages

And she continued, “In addition to this, what was contained in the threatening messages sent from him to the victim, which read: (And my religion will not slay you), as well as the fact that he investigated the timings of the buses that the victim was traveling in with her colleague Mai Ibrahim Bastawisi.”

And she continued: “He also confirms that he was not provoked, that this sent statement that he said contradicts what Menna Allah Muhammad al-Bashbeshi testified to in the investigations, that she and the victim and the rest of her colleagues did not see the accused in the bus that took them on the day of the accident throughout the trip, due to their riding in the front and the male student in the rear. She did not say that the victim had provoked him,” according to the court.

It is noteworthy that on July 6, the court issued its aforementioned ruling, only 16 days after the crime that shook Egypt and the Arab world, in one of the fastest cases in the history of the Egyptian judiciary.

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