Amazon drops the price of one of the most popular connected thermostats

2023-10-23 17:50:00

Today, many accessible connected devices are available to make your daily life easier. With your smartphone, you can control multiple aspects of your home, including even heating, with the Heatzy Pilote connected thermostat. This is one of Amazon’s most popular models, as proven by its 4 out of 5 star rating from over 1,400 reviews. Normally sold at 49 euros, the product is currently going to 45.10 euros, with the addition of a 5% reduction coupon, giving a final cost of 42.84 euros. Delivery to your home is free, as is express delivery for Amazon Prime members.

The Heatzy connected thermostat is a practical everyday device for controlling the temperature in your home. It connects directly to your electric radiators, so you can adjust them remotely, using your smartphone application. With a size of 8 cm x 8 cm, and 2 cm thick, it fits anywhere, while remaining discreet. The biggest use of this thermostat is its programming function, allowing you, for example, to start your radiators shortly before getting up or coming home from work, for rooms directly at the ideal temperature. You can program differently each day, to best suit your pace of life. Several modes are available, starting with comfort mode, which works when you are at home. Eco mode is there to save on your consumption, dropping below the set temperature when you go out. Finally, a frost protection mode is available to ensure a stable temperature of 7° C, in case you have a risk of frost at home.

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