Anthony Moris’ nightmarish first half against Cristiano Ronaldo & Co (VIDEOS)

Accustomed to being relatively quiet between the cages of Union Saint-Gilloise, Anthony Moris had a hectic Sunday evening with his selection.

Luxembourg was indeed facing the Portuguese ogre in the context of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Faced with an opponent of a much higher caliber, the Grand Dukes certainly hoped to hold the score as long as possible. Except it didn’t. Far from there…

Here is perhaps already one of the most beautiful goals of the qualifying phase for Euro 2024! (VIDEO)

Indeed, the Portuguese led by Roberto Martinez scored four times during the first act. And Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have found the spirit. He who had already scored twice against Liechtenstein last Thursday planted two roses again on Sunday in the 9th and 31st minute. Or 0-1 and 0-4. The two other achievements are signed João Félix and Bernardo Silva.

We hope for Anthony Moris that his defense will hold up better in the second half…

The four goals of the first period in pictures below:

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