Are you looking for work and a new life? This European island opens its doors to you with salaries of 4000 euros 2024-04-07 10:51:36

If you are one of those who are looking for work and a new life outside your country of origin, this island in Europe It opens the doors to you with salaries of 4,000 euros, even a dream for many Europeans and residents of the Old Continent.

Do you dream of emigrating to Europe? A little-known country opens its doors to you with salaries much higher than the European average and an exceptional quality of life. A modern and prosperous country, a member of the European Union, with salaries that exceed €4,000 per month in many sectors. Simple entry requirements and accessible procedures and a warm climate, paradisiacal beaches and Mediterranean culture.

This week, numerous Latin American media are talking about the possibility of emigrating to Malta, with work and a new life in Europe. Of course, having in addition to the citizenship of origin, acquired another European one, such as Spanish citizenship.

Beyond the enviable climate and postcard landscapes, Malta stands out as a vibrant and dynamic destination where culture, history and modernity merge in perfect harmony. If your adventurous spirit drives you to emigrate and you are looking for a place that combines professional opportunities with a high standard of living, this Mediterranean paradise could be the answer to your desires.

Work and new life on this island in Europe: high salary

Malta offers you all this and much more, including an especially easy entry process for Spanish citizens. Thanks to European regulations, Spaniards who wish to emigrate to Malta benefit from a significantly simplified process. Forget about cumbersome procedures and complex requirements; With your valid passport or ID, you can open the doors to this Mediterranean paradise.

Directive 2004/38/EC of the European Union opens the doors to Malta, allowing you to live and explore this Mediterranean paradise for three months with only your valid ID or passport.

Research the Maltese job market and find the ideal job for your profile and aspirations. Do you want to settle in Malta for more than 90 days? Apply for a residence permit at the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs (Tel. (+356)2200 1800; fax (+356) 2200 1830), located in the Evans Building, St Elmo’s Place, in Valletta.

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