Artist Khaled Abdel Rahman reveals for the first time the story of his relationship with a girl he fell in love with… and thanks her for this reason! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Khaled Abdel-Rahman, talked about the love story that he lived and affected his life, saying: “I did not believe in love, and I used to make fun of those who love, and I fell in love.”

Khaled Abdul Rahman explained, during an interview with him on “Qatar Channel”: “I was mocking those who love, so I used to tell them that what is in your chest is meat and what is in my chest is stone, and I did not believe in love.”

Then he continued: “By God, a fall took place that showed Khaled to the artistic community.”

And he added: “I decided to end the relationship and translated the situation from it and gained different relationships, acquaintances and life in terms of relationships, not art. I thank her for being the reason for that,” expecting that the girl he loved would follow him constantly.

And he continued: “I wrote 8 verses of (I promise you, who) and then completed 20 verses the next day.”

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