As the pandemic enters its third year, WHO warns of a “critical stage”

The second anniversary of the “first closure in the world” passed quietly in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which was considered the epicenter of the Corona pandemic.

After the outbreak of the virus in late 2019, the Chinese authorities closed the city of Wuhan, stopped transportation, and restricted the movement of people for 76 days.

Since that “astonishing” move, similar shutdowns have been implemented around the world.

And now China is again fighting the most contagious Omicron mutant, after “crushing the first wave in Wuhan and other cities”, shortly before the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, according to the newspaper.The New York Times“.

And earlier this January, the movement of about 20 million people was restricted in three Chinese cities, which were imposed on them by a complete closure to combat the spread of Corona.

No deaths have been reported from the current wave, but Omicron “challenges China’s goal of eradicating the Corona virus within its borders,” according to the newspaper.

No new infections were recorded among the residents of Wuhan, located in Hubei Province, which has a population of 11 million, on Saturday, while three cases coming from abroad were subject to treatment for mild symptoms. The last local infection was reported in Wuhan last August.

Like last year, no official events were held in Wuhan to celebrate the second anniversary of the lockdown, which passed quietly and without fanfare.

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