Asian license.. Friday is the last chance

He revealed to Al-Riyadiah, Abdulaziz Al-Hamidi, head of the Licensing Committee in the Saudi Professional League, that next Friday, March 31, is the deadline for clubs to submit documents related to the financial obligations item, which comes within the financial criteria for obtaining the Asian license.
The head of the committee stated that the obligations item includes the dues of clubs, players, and the technical and administrative staff of the football sector, pointing out that there are 7 other items that are subject to evaluation. He added: “The dates of financial dues differed from previous years due to the AFC amending the dates of club championships after they were evaluated for the period ending on June 30. The assessment of financial obligations for the period ending until December 31, 2022 AD.” And he continued: “The five sports, administrative, legal, infrastructure, and financial standards have timelines that differ from each other, and each standard has its own deadline, and contains more than one item and is subject to evaluation, and the announcement of license holders will be in mid-May.”
The Chairman of the Licensing Committee referred to the organization of workshops for clubs in order to explain all procedures, in addition to conducting visits, indicating that their role as a committee is to ensure that all matters are facilitated with regard to meeting standards, and to answer all club inquiries in all licensing matters to ensure that clubs meet standards on time. specified time for each standard.

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