Microsoft no longer offers a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1, but alternatives are still under development (191251)

Microsoft has attracted many players to try the game subscription service through Xbox Game Pass, which can play a large number of games with a monthly fee of 9.99 US dollars. One of the very attractive features is that the first month only costs 1 US dollar (Taiwan pricing new NT$30) to try the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service worth US$14.99, but recently many players have discovered that Microsoft is gradually stopping the US$1 trial plan. In research.

▲Microsoft’s $1 trial will be gradually removed from the shelves, but alternative early adopters are still under development

According to outside speculation, Microsoft is likely to be part of a merger plan with Activision-Blizzard Activision Blizzard. Although Microsoft has not yet completed the acquisition plan, Microsoft has begun to integrate Activision-Blizzard games into Xbox Game Pass. in the game library. Stopping the trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s ultra-low price discount may also be an excuse to reduce the boycott of merger cases by national review agencies. After all, Microsoft is still trying to eliminate the antitrust disputes of regulators over content exclusivity.

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