at school, the health protocol is already getting lighter

At school, the health protocol is already getting lighter

At school, the health protocol is already getting lighter

The health protocol against Covid-19 is already softening, four days after being launched. The Ministry of National Education clarified, Thursday, January 6, that students will no longer have to start their course of three tests again, if a new case is detected in the class within seven days after the detection of a first case.

The new health protocol at school does not stop talking about him. On the evening of January 6, the ministry of National Education updated their rules on their website, just four days after its launch. Now, when a new case of Covid-19 is detected in a class, less than seven days after another case, the students will not have to repeat the series of three tests imposed: a first PCR test on the day of the announcement of the Covid case; a self-test on D + 2; and a last self-test on D + 4. This cycle will only restart if the second confirmed case has had contact with the other students after a period of seven days following the identification of the first case.

The Ministry of National Education also specifies that, “if the pupil is a contact case of a confirmed case within his family sphere (…) a quarantine of 7 days from the occurrence of the case must be respected and an antigen test or PCR must be carried out at the end of this quarantine unless the pupil is under 12 years of age or has a complete vaccination schedule “.

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Only one parent’s consent required for vaccination

Another news from the evening of Thursday, January 6: the agreement of both parents, and no longer just one, will now be necessary to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11 against Covid-19, said the Ministry of Health. For children aged 12 to 15, the consent of one parent continues to be sufficient. Finally, adolescents aged 16 and over can be vaccinated without parental consent.

Concretely, only one parent can be present during the vaccination appointment of a child from 5 to 11 years old, but it must be provided with a certificate on the honor according to which the second parent agrees, specified the Ministry. Vaccination was opened to all 5-11 year olds on December 22. As of January 4, some 67,000 children in this age group have received at least one injection.

9.202 closed classes

These announcements are part of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, particularly in schools. The number of classes closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic exploded this week to 9,202, the highest level since spring 2021, the Ministry of National Education announced Thursday.

This is more than three times higher than the previous figure, dating from December 16, before the Christmas holidays, which was 2,970 closed classes. Last April, before the schools were closed for several weeks, the number of closed classes rose to more than 11,000 (11,272 classes on April 2). It then came down again (to 5.110 at the end of May). In total, France has 527,200 classes. In detail, according to a statement from the Ministry of Education, “to date, there are 28 closed school structures (20 schools, 6 colleges and 2 high schools)”. Regarding contamination, the ministry lists 47,453 declared confirmed cases of students (against 50,052 on December 16) and 5,631 declared confirmed cases of staff (against 2,599 on December 16).

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