Backward in population growth; China ‘getting smaller’ | china | china population

Beijing ചൈന China is getting rid of the notoriety of overpopulation. After 60 years, the country has seen a record decline in population growth.

Currently, one-sixth of the world’s population lives in China. In the last four decades, it has jumped from Rs 66 crore to Rs 140 crore. Population is now undergoing significant change after the Great Famine of 1959–61, when the government confiscated all agricultural land. In 2021, the population growth will be only 4.8 lakhs.

Despite the change in the one-child rule and the promotion of having 3 children, the number of children is declining. When the government insisted that one child was enough, many couples decided that one boy was enough. In many provinces there are only 100 girls for every 130 boys.

English Summary: China population to shrink for 1st time in 60 years

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