Barskikh, after touring in the USA, arranged a chess in the cities of Germany

It is also reported that Max Barskikh is going to give concerts in Poland.

Max Barsky. Photo: Global Look Press

Now it has become quite obvious that Max Barskikh deceived his fans when he announced that he was going to the front.

Almost two months ago, he was photographed in a tunic and with a gun and said that he was currently undergoing training. And literally in two weeks he will join the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

However, later the artist instead of the front chose USAwhere he performed at a music festival. Now in his social networks he promotes his concerts in Germany, where he quickly organized a whole tour from the end of May to June 6th. Ahead of Max Barsky, concerts are expected in Hannover, Berlin, Dortmund, Offenbach, Böblingen.

In addition, the media write that Barskikh has planned a tour in Poland. It seems that the artist will not appear in Ukraine soon, if at all.

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