Bassil to “Asas”: Mar Mikhael’s understanding stands on “reward and text” and admires what Prince Muhammad bin Salman is doing

The head of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” Gebran Bassil announced that he looks “at what Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is doing in Saudi Arabia with much appreciation and admiration because of the speed with which he walks, breaking barriers, and the ability to develop to this degree, not only in urbanization, but Culture, freedom of religion, the issue of women, and freedoms as a whole.

And he considered that he was “with absolute freedom,” in response to his opinion of the Iranian revolution: “We can only stand with freedom. Iran freely diversifies its religions and churches, and we used to give it as an example of how they allow representatives of Armenians, minorities, Sunnis, and others in the Shura Council, and how the practice of religions is permitted. On top of her hair.

In the “Hadith of the Year” for the “Asas” website, he considered that the Mar Mikhael understanding stands at the foot of one of three basic principles: defense strategy, state building, and partnership. And he explained how “the Free Patriotic Movement protested repeatedly against the failure to implement the state-building clause, to prevent sedition, and implemented what was required of it in the defense strategy, to protect and defend Lebanon, but the last government session was held, and if we were outside the parliament presidency and outside the government presidency and outside the government and outside the presidency Republic, where is the partnership, and do you know anyone who can find a “unit fee”?

The head of the “movement” renewed his rejection of Suleiman Franjieh’s candidacy, “because this nomination is not commensurate with the reform project that Lebanon needs. I said that before and now I repeat it,” and called for “broadening the discussion beyond names and details. The president, despite his importance, does not solve the crisis. We proposed in the “Presidential Priorities Paper” that the project is the one that will rid the country of its crisis. This project begins with the president of the republic, the prime minister and the government, and a complete project.

He reaffirmed that he rejects the candidacy of Army Commander Joseph Aoun, “because it also does not fit, with what we know, with the requirements of the stage. And I ask here: What is his project? We know him in the army, but we do not know him neither in the economy, nor in money, nor in politics.”

And he announced, “The start of the discussion within the movement, and in the process of starting outside the movement in the search for the name of a third candidate, starting with the Maronite Patriarchate, not to include the Maronite Patriarchate in the game of names, but because since the first visit to Diman four months before the end of President Aoun’s term, I called for internal consensus.” Facilitate the election.

Regarding his recent meetings, he revealed that they were not limited to Presidents Najib Mikati, Nabih Berri, Walid Jumblatt, and Suleiman Franjieh, refusing to reveal the names of the other personalities he met, but he confirmed: “Frankly, I did not ask for an appointment from anyone, and I did not visit anyone.

Many of the meetings were not held at my request, but at the request of others. And I declare on top of the roof that I love and want and find it in the interest of the country to communicate with everyone.

Regarding his opinion of the European investigation and the European judges who will arrive in Lebanon to investigate financial files within weeks, he declared that “the Lebanese judges who have faltered in carrying out their duties in the port case and who have failed in their duties in the file of the Lebanese and Riad Salameh’s money, will not escape accountability and domestic and foreign punishment, and you will see how Things will roll until the world is overtaken by them and their protectors.”

And he considered that the reason for the international investigations is the inaction of the Lebanese judiciary: “Because Riad Salameh’s file is a file of stealing the money of an entire people. I do not hold him alone responsible, but he is the head of the financial system, so I called him the “Ruler of Lebanon”, because he protects a political system that protects him in order to protect itself, and knows that he is the ruler of Lebanon. When he “rides” you will “ride” with him, and the issue has become at the level of the judiciary of countries that have been heard as “knocking.”

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