Beware of these early symptoms, as they are an indication of a serious heart disease. Get to know them before it is too late

There are a set of early indicators and symptoms that predict heart disease, as the body sends signals that may alert us of the danger of a disease that may infiltrate our body, so you must be alert to these signs, and heart disease problems are among the serious diseases that must be paid attention to before crises. Heart problems, and through this article we will present to you some sure signs that indicate the presence of heart problems.

Early symptoms of heart disease

  • A yellow or orange rash

    The significant increase in the levels of triglycerides in the body may cause an apparent skin rash that arises in certain areas of the body, especially around the joints of the fingers in the palms and insteps of the feet, in addition to appearing on the buttocks as well, and these fats in the blood play a major role in atherosclerosis, as well Its high levels in the blood may be an indication of many other diseases that may later cause many health problems.

  • Significant weakness in hand grip

The strength of your fist usually indicates one or more things about the health of your heart, so pay close attention to it. If you notice a weakness in your ability to hold things in your fist, this may mean a weakness in your heart. You should pay attention here that some exercises to strengthen your fist may not do the trick. And it won’t necessarily mean an improved heart health.

4. Dark spots under the nails

If you haven’t hit your nail with something that bruised it recently, the appearance of a bruise or spot under the nail is only justified by the existence of a problem that could be serious.

  • New discomfort with exercise

California cardiologist Nicole Weinberg said that the occurrence of a new symptom during exercise is something that must be paid attention to. Emergency.

In the event that you are forced many times to stop or rest in order to catch your breath when doing things that you could do easily before, this is a warning sign indicating the presence of heart problems, such as in the event that you are panting in search of catching air after climbing the stairs, then this is a sign A warning sign of a heart problem.

The most common symptom of heart problems is chest discomfort, uncomfortable pressure, pain or fullness.

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