Bizarre Solar Eclipse Shooting Incident in Florida: Woman Arrested for Attempted Murder

2024-04-11 10:16:45

We must have seen a lot of news related to the total solar eclipse. But this news from Florida is a little different. The police arrested the woman who tried to kill two people on the day of the solar eclipse.

Taylon Nichelle Celestin, 22, from Georgia, has been arrested for attempted murder. On the day of the solar eclipse, the young woman came out of the hotel where she was staying saying that she was going to participate in the shooting as directed by God. After that, they went straight to the road. The woman also said that God had suggested such a thing because it was a solar eclipse.

She then entered the highway 115 miles (180 km) from the Alabama border in the Florida Panhandle. Reports say that it went straight west from there. Then, within 5 miles (8 km), she fired several shots at a passing car. She also harassed the driver after stopping the vehicle and firing shots.

This is not the end. After this, she fired at another driver who was passing by. Later, he hit his neck. According to reports, the injured driver is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The woman was arrested by the police after 26 km. A case has been registered against them for attempted murder and possession of deadly weapons. Guns were also found in their hands. The 22-year-old is currently in the Holmes County Jail.

Last Updated Apr 11, 2024, 3:46 PM IST
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