Blessings from YOASOBI, Aimer also loses?There are onions behind the top 10 divine comedies and upset results

2023-07-17 10:00:08

Gundam Top 10 Divine Comedy|The theme song of the original “Mobile Suit Gundam” broadcast in 1979, the lyrics will continue to shout “Gundam Gundam”, until “The Witch of Mercury” broadcast in 2022-23, has been sung by the popular group YOASOBI , the number of global YouTube hits exceeded 100 million! Recently, a netizen on goo rankijng in Japan voted for 10 top 10 works that are considered to be “Gundam” Divine Comedy”, and YOASOBI Jitian BB didn’t make it to the top 3? The title of the champion is really unexpected!

YOASOBI’s “Blessing” loses 100 million clicks?

Over the past 40 years, there have been too many divine songs in the Gundam series, such as “I Trust You” from the “00” series, SEED “Find The Way”, and “Iron-Blooded Orphans” are two beautiful songs that people want to shout out. If you are less than 10, you can only say: “10 points are enough to select all the Divine Comedies of Gundam”! The reason why YOASOBI lost is actually another reason, and I will explain it to everyone in the end:

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10th place|《Sorrow Warrior》Daisuke Inoue
Mobile Suit Gundam II Movie OP

As mentioned above, the theme song of the animation back then still had to sing the name of the protagonist continuously, and the melody was like a nursery rhyme. Later, Tomino, the father of Gundam, produced 3 theatrical versions of 0079, and he took the lead in making the songs more fashionable and stylish. The well-known singer-songwriter Daisuke Inoue composed the music for the 3 works, among which “Sorrower” is the most passionate, with anti-war lyrics Write about the wish of young men and women to go to the battlefield to protect their homeland and pray for peace.

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No. 9 | “Believe” comes true
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED OP2

The theme song of the masterpiece “SEED” in the 1990s is completely pop. The second theme song is sung by idol singer Naomi Tamaki. The rhythm is refreshing and catches the brain. The songs sung by big seniors such as Daxie TM Revolition and Ryuya Ishii became the only SEED songs among the top 10.

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No. 8 | “Flash”[Alexandros]
Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Kaiser OP

The theme song of the movie version of “Unfilial Son”, one of the top 10 most modern songs except YOASOBI, composed by the band[Alexandros]The lead singer is a typical Japanese light rock style, featuring many English lyrics.

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No. 7 | “Fly!Gundam” Hiroshi Ikeda
Mobile Suit Gundam TV Version OP

The Cantonese version of “It’s all about courage, all about righteousness…” was once sung by TVB actor Wang Aiming. When it comes to the first Gundam and the first Gundam theme song, it is reasonable to enter the 7th place.

No. 6|”Star Ring Child” Aimer
Mobile Suit Gundam UC EP7 OP

The theme song of EP7, the last episode of the OVA animation “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, was written by Hiroyuki Sawano, the singer of the Unicorn series. The background music is rich and magnificent, and Aimer’s unique singing voice is addictive.

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No. 5 | Hiroko Moriguchi in “Injecting Love into the Water Star”
Mobile Suit Gundam Z OP2

Recently, Hong Kong’s largest Gundam discussion forum also voted. Z became the most popular Gundam TV work. Its second theme song has a soothing style and healing lyrics. No wonder it will be ranked 5th. Below are the original version and the middle-aged version, one with a high pitch and one with a taste, both are correct.

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No. 4|《Blessing》YOASOBI
Gundam Mercury Witch OP1

The hit rate exceeds 100 million, and it must be the most watched YouTube movie of a Gundam Divine Comedy. Pay special attention to the lyrics written by Ayase. Listen to the ending again, and you will understand that it runs through the core proposition of the entire “Mercury”.

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No. 3|”Trust You Forever” Hitofumi Ujima
Mobile Gundam G Gundam OP2

“Mercury” was accused of playing Lily to kill Gundam. Coincidentally, in the 1990s, “G”, which came into being in the fighting craze of “Street Fighter 2” and “Dragon Ball Z”, was also accused of being a mouse shit in Gundam. But after decades of cleaning, many people think it is a masterpiece, and its second theme song became the third.

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No. 2|《RE:I AM》Aimer
Mobile Suit Gundam UC EP6 ED

Aimer’s singing voice really makes the listener feel the ethereal inspiration of the psychopathic green light in the universe, and the melody of “RE:I AM” is also very catchy, no wonder it can be ranked No. 2.

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No. 1|”FLYING IN THE SKY” Hitofumi Ujima
Mobile Gundam G Gundam OP1

“FLYING IN THE SKY” is the first theme song of “G Gundam”. The most worth mentioning is that the director of the work Yasuhiro Imagawa is a Hong Kong expert. There are also a lot of Hong Kong plots and scenery in the play, so the Japanese side produced a Cantonese version of ” FLYING IN THE SKY”.

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Finally, the reporter will explain to you why the song “G Gundam” has two songs in the top 10 songs this time. In fact, there is another reason. Hitofumi Ujima died of a ruptured esophageal vein tumor last year at the age of 55. It is believed that in order to commemorate him, netizens specially voted for him.

Hitofumi Ujima, creator of the full series of songs and soundtracks of “G Gundam”, died last year of a ruptured esophageal vein tumor at the age of 55, RIP
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