Brave Rescue Gone Wrong: Man Commits Suicide by River, Rescuer Dragged Into Water – Shocking Incident Sparks Internet Outrage

2023-12-05 12:16:54

A man in Shandong committed suicide by jumping into a river. The kind-hearted man went into the water to save him, but was pulled into the water by the suicidal man instead. (Picture/extracted from Weibo)

Recently, a 23-year-old man in Heze City, Shandong Province, China, chose to commit suicide by jumping into a river for unknown reasons. A passing man named Zhao jumped into the river to save his life, but was dragged into the water by the man who committed suicide. Finally, with the help of firefighters and other people, the two were rescued and brought ashore. However, a member of the public slapped the man twice because he could not see the ungratefulness of the man who committed suicide. After the whole incident was uploaded to the Internet, it also aroused heated discussions among netizens.

When Mr. Zhao saw the man committing suicide by jumping into the river, he jumped into the river without hesitation to rescue him. Unexpectedly, a “farmer and snake” drama unfolded. The man who committed suicide not only failed to cooperate with Mr. Zhao’s rescue, but instead tried to drag Mr. Zhao into the river many times. Zhao’s head was pressed into the water, as if he wanted to kill both of them. Witnesses took photos of the man’s malicious behavior and pictures.

Some well-meaning people couldn’t stand it anymore and used rescue tools such as ropes and ladders to pull the two people ashore, but the man who committed suicide turned a blind eye, making the entire rescue extremely difficult. It was not until the firefighters arrived that the man who committed suicide stopped messing around.

After the two came ashore, one of the enthusiastic people was very angry. He slapped the man who committed suicide twice in front of everyone and angrily accused him of being immoral. “They have good intentions and are trying to save you, but it’s better for you to drag him into the water without having a pity on your conscience.” “?” After Mr. Zhao was out of danger, he said that he choked on several mouthfuls of water at the time, and while the two were struggling in the water, their mobile phones were damaged. It was still quite scary in retrospect.

After watching the video, netizens were also angry at the malicious behavior of the man who committed suicide. They left messages saying, “People are kind enough to save you, but you want to drag your savior to die with you” and “Attempted murder must be severely punished.” Some people also called for, When encountering a similar situation, you should notify the rescue unit as soon as possible and look for tools nearby that can pull the person ashore instead of risking your life to rescue people. Otherwise, the consequences may be disastrous.

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