Breaking News: Daniel Quintero’s former private secretary fired from EPM, sparking controversy and potential financial implications for the public treasury

2024-01-11 03:17:16


This week it was news that Daniel Quintero’s former private secretary, María Camila Villamizar, was fired from the top-level position at EPM in which she had remained thanks to the management of the last administration. With her went another 12 employees who had arrived at the company as quotas for Quintero and his team.

Since Villamizar did not want to voluntarily resign from his position, the company must pay him compensation close to $70 million pesos for his dismissal. Likewise, the other dozen employees who left with her will have to be compensated.

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However, 10 days into Federico Gutiérrez’s administration, there are still many chips from the previous mayor’s office that are still screwed into management positions in the public administration and whose dismissals would result in millions for the public treasury.

According to Councilor Alejandro de Bedout, from the Creo party, there are 58 top-level officials who remain in their positions to date and do not plan to resign to receive compensation from the district.

According to De Bedout’s accounts, they are the decentralized entities of the district where the last administration took the opportunity to make its mark: In Ruta N, says the councilman, there are 25 Quintero directors left; In the Urban Development Company, 22; and in the Urban Security Company, 11.

In the Council session on Tuesday of this week, De Bedout reproached the councilor and former candidate for Mayor Juan Carlos Upegui for this, and asked him and the former mayor Quintero to give the directive to these officials to resign and not They would be left waiting for the million-dollar compensation that the people of Medellin would end up paying.

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