Breaking News: Hong Kong’s He Shibei Dominates Women’s 100-Meter Freestyle at the World Cup Finale in Budapest

2023-10-22 17:07:23

[Tilu News]Hong Kong team’s female flying fish Ho Shi-bei competed in the World Cup finale in Budapest, Hungary, on Sunday (23rd) at the Shaker event. She once again won the women’s 100-meter freestyle championship, winning a total of six gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in the three races. .

He Shibei, who has already won two consecutive 100-meter races in Berlin and Athens, made her debut in this event again on Sunday. She advanced to the final with a time of 54.52 seconds in the preliminary round and fifth place. He Shibei competed in the final again in the evening, already leading the final swim in the first 50 meters with a time of 52.24 seconds, 1.01 seconds faster than the world record holder, Sarah Sjöström of Sweden, and won another battle.

Taking into account the three events, He Shibei won a total of six golds, two silvers and one bronze, and broke the 50-meter Hong Kong record, the 100-meter Asian record and the 200-meter conference record. Her overall score in the three events was second only to Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown, who broke the 100-meter backstroke world record yesterday, and she also received at least US$26,000 in bonuses.

As for Zhang Xinyue, the youngster who has achieved the Olympic A standard in the 200-meter backstroke, she swam 2:17.79 in the preliminary round on Sunday and ranked 10th, missing the chance to advance to the final.

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