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A pair of brothers took a selfie that went viral because of the image that appeared behind them. “They were so scared that I knew they hadn’t messed with the photo, they are not advanced Photoshop editors,” said Ayesha Wilson-Bent, the children’s mother.

His sons Gabriel, 14, and Kristian, 12, were playing with tires that they stacked on a tower. One of them got between the tires and ducked, while the other, outside, captured the moment and sent it to Ayesha.

The family, who live in Warwickshire,
He was terrified by what he saw in the selfie: the face of a girl appeared behind the brothers.

The image was uploaded to a Facebook group –

Foto: Kennedy News and Media

The mother of the children told the Daily Mail that one of her children was so terrified by what he saw that he did not want to sleep alone that night.

She tried to find an explanation for the selfie, “so I asked them if they added the face in Photoshop. Both insisted that they had not. I tried to see if I could edit a face myself, but I couldn’t do it,” she recounted.

He also said that he compared the moment when the children “took the photo and when they sent it to me, it was literally seconds. There was no time for them to edit it.”

The selfie taken by the brothers has divided comments: “A lot of people think it’s real, but a lot of other people say ‘no, it’s photoshopped, it’s fake’“, says the mother of the minors.

What they do agree on is the girl’s expression, which they consider does not look happy. “I actually joked with Kristian: ‘I hope you didn’t bring something home,’” Ayesha told the newspaper.

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