By virtue of the Ukrainian war, “China” exports to Russia. Highest growth in 5 months

during RussiaFaced with sanctions from Western nations, found that the value of exportsChinato Russia in July grew 22.2% compared to the same period last year, while the valueexportJune fell 17%, so the number increased. This is the first time since March, as reported by the Chinese Customs.

whileimportFrom Russia in July continued to grow 49.3 percent, although 56% lower than June and 79.6% in May.

Russia isoil field Gas, coal and China’s major agricultural commodities

in the midst ofukraine warongoing Russia is the largest oil supply chain.China in May and June as Chinese buyers bought oil at low prices. as Chinese buyers take advantage of cheap fuel supplies.

Russian invasionUkraineOn the 24th of Feb. as the Moscow government calls it. “Military Special Operations”

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