“Immune vaccination” reveals information on immunity. Smallpox, monkey, can live up to 88 years, check which year was born and survived.

(8 Aug. 2022) “Naughty Doctor” Prof. Dr. Thirawat Hemajuta, Director of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University posted a message via Facebook. Thirawat Hemachutha Thiravat Hemachudha provide interesting information and it can be called good news for “small pox monkey” stating that peoplevaccinateprevent smallpox “smallpox monkey” Yes, living for 88 years

“Naughty Doctor” reference information about immunity fromvaccinate Immunity from smallpox vaccine in Am J Med (American journal of medicine) 2008 measures immunity to smallpox (Vaccinua IgG) and its ability to prevent disease. (neutralizing Ab titer, NAb) in 246 people, 209 of whom had beensmallpox vaccinationAt least once during 13-88 years by collecting blood for periodic checks before

  • 8 people had a history of smallpox as a child.
  • 29 people had no history of infection or exposure.smallpox vaccine

It was found that the level of immunity againstsmallpoxdid not decrease even in the 88-year-old vaccinated group, including NAb levels, which was very interesting, and the titer of theimmunityThe most effective protection against smallpox infection was 32, of which more than 97% of patients had this level of immunity.

In conclusion, this study found that Most of the people who used tovaccinatecan have levelsimmunityprotectivesmallpoxfor up to 88 years, regardless of the number of boosters Because people who received the booster vaccine did not have significantly higher levels of immunity than those who received a single injection.

According to data from India, “smallpox monkey” During the incubation period of 5-21 days, the patient may have no symptoms at all, no fever, no fatigue, no rash, but can already be transmitted via droplet. have obvious symptoms and the mortality rate began to increase from 1% to 3-6%. PCR should be considered with more nasal swabs and saliva. If you want to end the epidemic quickly

Immunization against smallpox for up to 88 years

Principal noticed that he used tovaccinatePreventing smallpox or not, including:

  1. If a person over 48 years old who was born before 1974 has a high chance of having had a smallpox vaccination. because Thailand is a country that has mobilizedvaccinateDuring that time a lot Therefore, smallpox is eliminated from Thailand. Most of them are injected at school.
  2. If under 42 years of age, born after 1980, they are considered to have never received a smallpox vaccination before.
  3. In the case of people aged 43-47 years, born before 1980 but born after 1974, it is a crossover period. Will need to continue to check the scar.
  4. to check for scars Most of which are injected in the left upper arm.

in the case ofvaccinateprevent smallpox The scar is a flat, smooth wound. or a little hole In the case of an antituberculous vaccination called BCG, the scar will bulge.

Therefore, to verify that you have beenvaccinatePrevent human smallpox/smallpox yet? It uses two principles as mentioned. See if it was born before 1974 and check how the scars have formed. A wound that is smooth or slightly pitted is considered to have beenvaccinatepreventsmallpoxhuman or smallpox already

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